January 3, 2006

Final Countdown

It’s the first week of 2006; strange how fast the last five years have gone by, even more strange is the realization that we’re actually moving to New Zealand in less than twelve weeks – more like nine to be precise. We have transitioned from being folks who are ‘talking […]
January 2, 2006

A Little About Us

About Kathy: I’m a gal that likes to go places. Raised in the suburbs of New York, I head west to San Francisco in 1989 to explore, find community, and find myself. After 18 years, I’m heading west and out on the frontier again, this time with my partner Bruce, […]
January 2, 2006

Kathy’s Getaways Backstory

Everyone wants to know why New Zealand? Why now? We’ve fielded this question a hundred times in the last year and most recently in the interview with our New Zealand Immigration Services case officer (although our answer to NZIS was somewhere between the short and long versions below). THE REASON: […]
January 1, 2006

Kathy has Gotten Away!

Kathysgetaways.com was formerly the site for the Hale Makeleha vacation rental property on the North Shore of Kauai. Unfortunately, Kathy had to sell Hale Makeleha so that she and her husband Bruce could carry on with their new life adventure in New Zealand. Hale Makeleha is still being offered as […]