January 27, 2007

I’m Homeschooling Myself: Vol 3; Dec 11 – Jan 26, 2007

“I’m homeschooling myself” is my new clever catch-phrase I’m starting to use to describe to people what it is I am doing. I’ve had some uncomfortable and displeasing encounters with a few people recently in trying to answer their simple question “So, what are you doing in New Zealand” or […]
January 8, 2007

2007: This is our year!

In the closing circle of the festival we just attended, the very last bit of information communicated to the group came from a very powerful shaman. He stepped forward into the circle and said the spirits had a few more words for us. It went something like this: “2007 is […]
December 22, 2006

Gardens, Gardens, Gardens (of the vegetable kind)

We have spent a considerable amount of time on our little veggie garden these last ten weeks. And, boy, we’ve come a long way. The first two pictures above show what the garden plot looked like when we arrived at the house in April 06. It had not been used […]
December 22, 2006

Meeting new friends: Ex-pats get together

As I mentioned in the previous post, we’re continuing to socialize and meet new people. Many have come via the Ex-Pats In New Zealand yahoo group, a very worthwhile list to be on if you are considering moving or have moved to Aotearoa. I’ve been on the list for 1 […]