October 31, 2006

Gardens, Gardens, Gardens (of the flowering kind)

This is quite a nice time to be in Christchurch. Everywhere you go, gardens are bursting with color. Everyone’s got a rhododendron or two, big bushy things that bloom for weeks at a time. Christchurch, known as the garden city, boasts over 800 parks & gardens, the most per capita […]
October 17, 2006


We’ve been back in New Zealand for one week now. Christchurch welcomed us with open arms: the weather the first few days was utterly gorgeous. Spring has hit and the gardens are full of camelia, hydrangea, rhododendrons, and a myriad of other blooms; the birds are chirping; the sky is […]
October 14, 2006

Destination: San Francisco, California July 22 – October 9, 2006

Our time in San Francisco has drawn to a close. It’s been a long and sometimes bizarre trip being back in our former home city, doing things familiar to us like visiting with friends, driving our truck, going to nei gong classes, and even doing a little office work (yes, […]
October 4, 2006

Destination: Black Rock City, Nevada, Aug 29 – Sept 5, 2006

Burning Man. I did my fifth trip to the playa this year and stayed for a week. I was anxious about going as I have a love/hate relationship with Burning Man. It’s a harsh environment to be in, both physically and emotionally. For me, the physical havoc wreaked upon my […]