January 10, 2006

Purging is Fun

I have spent approximately nine hours in the last two days going through my closet and file cabinet of papers and books. I have so many papers: school papers ranging from my junior college financial aid receipts to my undergrad class papers and school books to my masters program notebooks & school papers.
January 6, 2006

Emotional Yin Yang

Bruce & I have been on an emotional roller coaster the past few days. Ever since our building TIC partners contacted us a few weeks ago to tell us they were leaving and we all agreed in theory it made sense to sell the building (ie, our beloved flat, our […]
January 3, 2006

Final Countdown

It’s the first week of 2006; strange how fast the last five years have gone by, even more strange is the realization that we’re actually moving to New Zealand in less than twelve weeks – more like nine to be precise. We have transitioned from being folks who are ‘talking […]
January 2, 2006

A Little About Us

About Kathy: I’m a gal that likes to go places. Raised in the suburbs of New York, I head west to San Francisco in 1989 to explore, find community, and find myself. After 18 years, I’m heading west and out on the frontier again, this time with my partner Bruce, […]