Life is a magical journey and we are influenced by many as we spiral along our path.   Below are just some of the people who came into my life at the right time – they gave me guidance and introduced me to information that my soul needed and was ready to hear. All of their teachings touched me on a deep spiritual level and have helped craft me into the person I am today.      I am grateful.

  • Margueretta Von Recklinghausen – Shamanic Healer: Introduced me to Reiki in the early 2000’s and started me on my path into energy healing work.
  • Teri Gilfilen and Mona Rain - Shamanic healers. A random web search looking for an alternative therapist for my mom brought me to Mona’s website.   After conversing remotely for over a year, I met and befriended Mona when I went to live in Florida for a few months after my father’s cancer diagnosis.    Divine timing allowed for Bruce and me to travel with Mona and Teri to Peru on a spiritual healing quest.  We had such a magical and deep experience on the trip in 2012 that we immediately committed and went again in 2013.
  • Father Gabriel Ghanoum – Chaplain of JFK Medical Center, Florida. During my father’s last week of life in hospice in 2012, Father Gabriel befriended my family and saw us every day.    He was my anchor and my angel full of love, compassion, and wise words for me about the dying process.   His involvement and my openness during dad’s last days left no doubt in my mind as to the mystical and profound nature of consciousness and the soul.
  • Jill Purce – therapist, healer, vocal coach, author. Bruce stumbled onto Jill’s work in 2010 when hearing her chant an invocation before a presentation given by her husband, Rupert Sheldrake.    Awed and intrigued, Bruce booked in to one of her week-long retreats and has now done over twelve intensives with her;   I’ve now been to three and we’ll keep journeying to the other side of the world to work with her.   We have participated in both the Living Mandala and Healing the Family & Ancestors workshops.   Like peeling layers of skin off an onion, each time we do a workshop, another layer of ourselves is revealed and healed and we gain a deeper understanding of the divine consciousness all around us.
  • Ton Akkermans & Carolina Schomper – sound magicians and craftsmen. We took a five- day ‘make your own singing bowl’ workshop with this Dutch husband and wife team in 2016 and were blown away at the depth of spiritual intention and communion that went into the making of our bowls.     We can’t wait to work with them again.
  • Genevieve Kelly – singer, gardener extraordinaire, white witch herbal healer. Genevieve was one of the first people we met upon moving to New Zealand.  I’ve learned so much from this amazing woman over the years – she gave Bruce and me vocal singing lessons so that we could perform a duet at my sister’s wedding (a major crowd pleaser!) and she’s taught me a lot about organic gardening.   Her overflowing and abundant garden is to die for!
  • Nadine Hamil – Intuitive painting and expressive arts facilitator and owner of Artful Dreamers During my dad’s cancer journey, the angels came to me again, this time in the form of Nadine.   Stumbling into her studio was like injecting fresh, pure CO2 into my weary and grief-stricken soul.   Nadine guided me through several art therapy classes and she so kindly gave me access to her art materials for several weeks so I could make collages for my family as part my grieving process.   Those few months with Nadine in Florida have set me on a trajectory of studying art and ensuring that creative expression is a norm in my life.
  • The Burning Man festival – transformational art and music festival. There is no doubt that Burning Man helped change my life.   Attending my first event in 2001, I was wowed out of my conventional life paradigm into a world of community, radical expression, radical inclusion, and into a mind-set where ‘everyone is an artist’.    This no-commerce, participant created festival ensures that YOU are an active participant in your life and that you can do anything you set your mind to. 
  • Flora Bowley, Shiloh Sophia, and Tamara LaPorte: Three amazing women artists whom I’ve taken on-line courses from and who are helping me tap into my own inner wisdom and bring it out into form via canvas and paper.   All three women incorporate a very spiritual practice into the creation of their art.
  • Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici: Following Amber since 2015, I’ve taken on-line art classes, participated in many of her summits, and really love the information this radiant mama and intuitive creativity coach offers to her community!   The free Women Unleashed summits have really exposed me to a world-wide community of awesome women!