March 7, 2006

We’ve Got Us a Tidy Car!

We are now the proud owners of a silvery-blue 1990 Honda Civic 4-door sedan, 150,000 kilometers (100,500 miles), purchased for the most excellent sum of NZ$1300 (approx US $870). And it came to us with what we like to call ‘a little bit of New Zealand magic’: On Sunday we […]
February 28, 2006

It’s Over and It’s Beginning

We are sitting at the airport waiting to take off. Everything these past ten days has been surreal. Mixed up. Sad about endings; happy about new beginnings. Lots of time spent with friends. I’d been holding it together fairly well but finally had my cathartic release during the last hour […]
February 28, 2006


We have been so fortunate to acquire such an eclectic group of friends. During the last months as we’ve prepared for our move, we’ve had a lot of time to delight in our friendships. And during this last week, our friends have been there to take care of us – […]
February 27, 2006

Packing Up da House

On Monday & Tuesday, Feb 20th & 21st, we had our house packed up by Allied International. After another restless slumber, a crew of six men in a large truck showed up at 8:30 am with vast amounts of wrapping materials. The foreman surveyed the house, determined there wasn’t enough […]