April 17, 2008

In Memoriam: Antoinette “Nettie” Mastocciolo Santora, February 26, 1912 – April 12, 2008

It’s a sad week for my family and I as our dearly beloved matriarch of the family, my grandmother, passed away last Saturday. She died peacefully in her sleep at the lovely age of 96. Although we knew her time was close and we’d had months to prepare (she’d fallen […]
March 25, 2008

We’re Definitely Indefinite: Getting our IRRV’s, March 2008

March 2 marked a big milestone for us as it was our 2 year anniversary in New Zealand. Why is this so significant you may ask? We migrated to New Zealand with Permanent Residency (PR) status under the Skilled Migrant category. If we never ever wanted to leave the great […]
February 18, 2008

Destination: Kiwiburn08, Feb 1-4, Whakamaru Domain

Whoa. It’s been a week since we left the festival and the mind reels. What just happened? Who would have thought that Kiwiburn could have been better than last year? It was. Wow. Kiwiburn07 was pretty darn good – many of us felt the event achieved the essence of Burning […]
January 26, 2008

Through Chaos Comes Creation

January has been a very chaotic month. Not surprising, since we usually kick into high gear the month before Kiwiburn as we attempt to get all our projects done in time for ‘our’ festival. This year, in addition to running The Green Fairy Black Light Lounge, Bruce and I signed […]