What a Difference the Sun Makes!

It’s been cold here lately. And wet. Folks have said we’re in that in between state between autumn and winter. The last few weeks have been grey and pretty blah with the three of us sleeping in as late as we can under our warm comforters and continuously moaning about how cold the house is.

What a treat then that we saw some sunshine yesterday, and I mean SUNSHINE! We woke up to a view of frost up on the Port Hills and grey skies. We’d made plans with friends Scott & Anne to go for a hike; we almost cancelled cuz the weather looked gloomy. However, several hours later, the skies cleared up and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen. Glorious.

Decided to hike through Barnett Park over near Redcliffs, up to a cave and wonderful lookout. Here’s some pix:
Up to the cliff

That’s Bruce, Ken, Anne & Scott hiking up to the cave.

View from Cliff

View from inside the cave.

CliffHike (3).jpg

View from cave overlooking Pegasus Bay and the Kaikoura coast.