World Travels

November 7, 2010

Destination: Tonga, Oct 20 – Nov 3, 2010

Tropical island holiday coming right up.      Destination:   Tonga. Why Tonga? It’s the nearest Pacific Island group to New Zealand with less than a three-hour flight from Auckland. Air New Zealand offered really, really cheap tickets ($349 RT from Akl). It’s the first nation to see the start of each day. […]
November 11, 2009

Destination: USA, October 7 – November 4, 2009

Ah, I’m back a week now from my trip to the States.  What a whirlwind trip it was with a quick trip up to Portland and then 2 1/2 weeks in San Francisco where I was given the great gift of witnessing my nieces’ first few weeks of life and […]
August 5, 2009

Destination: Golden Bay, South Island, July 27 – August 1, 2009

I’d hit my wall a few weeks ago.  It’s been a very dismal winter – lots of rain and cold, cold nights.   And I’d had enough.   It was time for a mid-winter getaway.    I needed to go somewhere sunny and relatively inexpensive. I remembered that our friend Purple was minding […]
February 28, 2009

Destination: Kiwiburn: Whakamaru Domain, February 5 – 8, 2009

Epic.  Transitional.  Watershed.  That is how I would describe Kiwiburn 2009.   Whoa.    It was big, again, and it was magical, again. Bruce and I took on a lot of projects this year.  In addition to The Green Fairy, which we’ve got down to a tee, and the Kostume Korner, which […]