Today’s marks the second anniversary of my 81 year old dad’s passing and six years since my 96 year old grandma passed.     I miss them both.   As I get older and hopefully a tad bit wiser, I understand the necessity of honoring and remembering those that have gone before us.   It keeps us connected and allows the energy to continue flowing through the family lines.

I had hoped to mark the day by spending it in nature but the weather didn’t cooperate. With a dismal wet and dark day overhead, we elected to stay inside and “take the day off’ from our normal routines.   I made a little altar, lit incense, said a prayer, and spent some time painting.   The dreary grey outside did not prevent the luminant colors from inside me to pour out like a radiant sun.

In my immediate family, today I remember my father, Hugo Guidi Jr, and my sister, Lori Ann Guidi who passed away at two years of age.   And both Guidi and Santora grandparents as well as all the aunties and uncles and coussies whom I remember fondly from my childhood who are no longer here.

I also take this time to acknowledge the recent passing of two bright souls, both who left this world unexpectedly – we won’t forget you:

Lawson Bracewell, aged 71, was the visionary and founder of an esoteric school located across the harbor from us in Wainui. We’ve known Lawson for seven years often attending full moon meditations at the school’s Temple and annually getting astrology readings from him.   He was an energetic bright beacon of light and one couldn’t help but love him.


Richard Bruce Kilian, aged 35, was a husband, a father of two small children, and the younger brother of our good friend Darek. We met Richard a number of times when he lived in San Francisco – a gentle, warm, and damn funny guy and really good board game player.

Each of us has family members and friends who have passed — keep them in your hearts so they will not be forgotten.

Blessings to all,


Anne Deon - Remembering the Ancestors

artwork by Anne Deon