Bali: Eat Pray Loving Me – Flowing


“My life flows with Joy & Ease”

Last Saturday marked the completion of four weeks in Ubud, Bali.   Whooo hoo!    Things have been flowing quite nicely and I’ve gotten into the rhythm of Balinese life.    The perfect day:  Wake between 7 – 8 am,  do a short morning yoga/meditation practice, make breakfast, sit down to the computer for a few hours, head out for an afternoon tour or class, walk home, have a swim, make dinner, and curl up with a book or an art project.     Repeat.

As the weeks progress, I feel myself relaxing into the culture and flow of life here more and more,  dropping some of my attachments and judgments and just being with what is.

I’ve loved Ubud which feels like a blend of Glastonbury and San Francisco:  a haven for alternative minded yoginis, healers, and light workers from around the world.   Ubud means ‘medicine’ and the magical energy here is palpable – if you’re in the vortex, synchronicities and flow just happen.


I’ve logged many miles by foot and  by bike over the month – and have noticed the huge abundance of water that seems to just flow with ease everywhere around me.  Everywhere you walk, you see or hear water – the water channels into the rice fields & terraces, the water that flows underneath the city sidewalks,  the water fountains,  the streams and gorges, waterfalls, and temple sites.

The water element.   Connected to emotions.   My emotional state has been fairly fluid this month and any negative emotions are passing through me fairly quickly like the ebb and flow of the sea.   I’ve only had a few ‘bad’ days and they weren’t even really bad or full days – just moments or hours when I felt the anxiety start to rise and my mind going ‘monkey’ on me.  I’ve observed this happens when 1) I haven’t had a good nights’ sleep and feel weak in body and  2) I’m reacting to something based on fear or scarcity mentality rather than just trusting that the universe has my back and all will be well.   I’ve now observed that I should not make any decisions when I’m in this state of mind and just wait for it to pass and THEN make a decision based on an open heart and calmness of mind.

So I am learning to tune in more and flow.    I’ve had a good month —  three massages, two cycling trips,  two singing bowl sound healings,  two shamanic breathwork classes,  one yoga class with one of my favourite teachers – Mark Whitwell,  one cooking class,  two shamanic reiki trainings,  two water purifications at special temples, a couple of scooter rides, lots of meals out, some shopping, and a great day spent with my New Zealand pal Ian Gall.

In deep gratitude!


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