Ten Things I Like About Our New House

2010_10_Kathys47th 009

1. Our backyard is so tranquil, especially with the stream running through.

2. Two peach trees, two apple trees, a grape vine, lemon tree, and rhubarb.

3. We have a gas stove!


4. It’s quiet as we’re no longer on a main road.

5. We have a modern kitchen.

6. We have a fireplace.

7. Ducks and ducklings visit us daily.

2010_10_Kathys47th 001

8. My clothes all fit into my closet!

9. All day sunshine!

10. It’s so much smaller than Clyde and it feels cozy and feels like a home!

2010_10_Kathys47th 003

Oops, and one more.

11. It’s a great place to have a birthday party!

2010_10_Kathys47th 0312010_10_Kathys47th 032

A great day was had by all!

2010_10_Kathys47th 0112010_10_Kathys47th 012