Uhmm, possum pie?

Possum Bruce View

Okay, I never thought we’d get to this.  But when our beloved lemon tree and lovingly cared for lemons started being eaten by possums, Bruce said ‘enough’!   And so came two Timms Possum Kill Traps, a highly recommended and supposedly humane method of possum control, and out they went by the lemon tree with carrot and cinnamon bait.

Within the first week, while we were gone, possum #1 was trapped & killed.  We had no idea how long it had been dead in the trap, so it got buried under the lemon tree.

Last week, Laura, who’s been staying up in the studio, said she heard and saw a possum snooping around the outdoor kitchen.  Bruce moved the possum traps to the studio and that night, the sneaky culprit was, well, killed.

 Possum in trapPossum head in trapPossum & Bruce

Bruce was all keen on conducting his next mad scientist experiment:  cooked possum.  He busted out his book on animal butchery, sharpened up the knife, and went to work!  Laura & I stayed away but I was curious enough to pop over every so often to see how he was getting on.

Apparently pretty well!   With his bare hands, Bruce cut off the limbs and then skinned it.  And then it was a matter of getting out the entrails.

 Skinning 2SkinningSkinning 3

And then it went into the pot. Yuk!  Hmmm, possum pie anyone?

 Cooking possum

Apparently while Laura & I were gone,  Bruce had a bowlful of possum over rice.  I’m not so sure it was a winner as by the time we got back, the remains were nowhere to be found and I was told, had gotten buried under another tree!

Here’s our action packed live footage YouTube video Part 1;  and Part 2.    Watch them if you dare!