Conscious Dying Resources

Thanks for reading my chapter (Chapter 11) Conscious Dying:  Staying Present, Aligned, and Connected Together  in the Sacred Death: 25 Tools for Caregivers book by Brave Healer Productions.  In it, I tell my personal journey through my father Hugo’s dying process in 2012 which turned out to be one of the greatest gifts he gave me.  And so I start here firstly by remembering him:


Much has been written in the last three decades about conscious dying and the ability to die a ‘good death’.  I have read many books and perused many websites on the topic and I herewith offer you some resources to begin your journey.  May it open you to the possibilities and realms of potential whether in navigating your own last days or those of another. May you become brave and courageous in bringing conversations around death to your community and family and begin to remember the knowledge we’ve carried in our DNA for millennia.  May you gain insight into this last sacred rite of passage we experience as humans:  death.

Conscious Dying Resources

And if you haven’t already watched, here’s a podcast interview with four of the Sacred Death authors where we discuss our chapters, our thoughts on dying, and the importance of awareness, not only in life, but in the dying process.


All of the author interviews can be found on the Brave Healer Productions Youtube channel.

I also had the opportunity to participate in a short 17-minute documentary about our Christchurch, New Zealand local chapter of Death Cafes.    Death Cafes began in 2011 and groups have since convened in over 79 countries.

Blessings and namaste,