Sacred Death: 25 Tools for Caregivers book (for sale in NZ)

I am one of 25 collaborative authors/healers who have contributed a chapter to this much needed book:   Sacred Death:  25 Tools for Givers.

Chapter 11:   Conscious Dying:  Staying Present, Aligned, and Connected Together is the title of my chapter about my experience navigating my father’s dying process in 2012 which was mystical, profound, heart-wrenching, grief-filled yet still full of love and joy.

An excerpt from my chapter:

I sat sobbing while trying to listen to the hospice social worker explain what to expect. “The body will shut down slowly, his food intake will dissipate, he’ll begin to have difficulty swallowing, and he’ll sleep more.” “We know,” she said, “that hearing is the last sense to go.” When I exclaimed, “But he’s deaf!” she replied, “Don’t worry, he will hear you.” The tears flowed and I said I was just so sad. “Of course you are,” she commented, “You’re losing the first man you ever loved.”

I will have this book to sell here in New Zealand.  If you are interested in a copy, please email me:    I look forward to chatting with you and sending you a copy.

In other countries, the book can be ordered through Amazon.


“I’ve finished reading Sacred Death. What a beautiful book and I know will be a great comfort and relief for people experience fresh or long lasting grief. I loved the way the book was structured, i.e. my story, the tools and an author bio. Your story did bring me to tears, maybe because I know you, but also that I could ‘feel’ the depth of your emotion in your words. I have ear-tagged some passages, tools and contacts from the book for future use. Brilliant” – Margy Morris
” I was so touched by your Dad’s dying process which you wrote about beautifully, that the pages got wet by my cascading tears.  The last sentence really unplugged a little damn of emotional grief I still have about my father ‘s dying. I chose this time today to read the story as I knew it would complete a stage of healing and integration around my present grief of the father wound…so, thank you for your gift in playing a part in my aid.” –  M.M.


Here’s a podcast interview with myself and three of the Sacred Death authors where we discuss our chapters, our thoughts on dying, and the importance of awareness, not only in life, but in the dying process.


All of the author interviews can be found on the Brave Healer Productions Youtube channel.

I also had the opportunity to participate in a short 17-minute documentary by Austin Salt-Cowell about our Christchurch, New Zealand local chapter of Death Cafes.    Death Cafes began in 2011 and groups have since convened in over 79 countries.  A Death Cafe is a gathering of strangers with a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives, or themes.  It seeks to normalize the conversation around death & dying and make it comfortable to bring this topic into the mainstream.

Blessings and namaste,