The Kidlet Gang

Harry, Kathy, & Ella

Last night we had dinner with the ‘kidlet’ gang. This refers to a group of my long-term close friends of whom the majority now have kids. They are my west coast family — I’ve been friends with them since I moved to SF in 1989. We know each other’s families; we’ve been on countless vacations together; we’ve been through thick and thin. And now they have families of their own.

I so love being Auntie Kathy and last night was another fun one for me. I spent a good hour playing Hide-n-Seek with my little friends, Harry, Ella, and Manny. They are precious. Harry asked if I was famous because he saw on my business card that I have a ‘www’ website.
Manny, Kathy, & Ella

The friends all contributed to making a home-cooked delicious meal. And they surprised me with a “Walk Down Memory Lane” book of favorite photos from our seventeen year history. Lots of laughs. While we’ve physically changed (bodies little more portly, eyes a little more baggy, teeth a little more yellow), emotionally we are still steadfastly and forever connected; the distance that this move will put between us will not interfere with our friendship.
This is a shout out to you guys: Lori, Susan, Harry, Ronni, Ella, Suzy, Pam, Dan, and Manny — I love you all and look forward to getting you out to The Land of the Long White Cloud!