Woofing/Help Exchange


Woofing/Help Exchange:

Throughout the year we host singles & couples who are keen to have a retreat experience and help out with chores and maintenance on the property.  A few times a year, when we’re working on bigger projects, we will host a group of three to six Woofers and Help Exchangers which turns into an extroverted, immersive, experiential homesteading experience.   We love meeting open-minded travellers who are on a journey to explore alternative ways of living.   We have a lot of fun together, working, creating and eating beautiful meals, and sharing stories of our lives. 

If you’re keen to do a work exchange with us, please contact us through either Wwoofing NZ (Host #36503 and yes, that’s us featured on the main page!) or Help Exchange (HelpX – Host ID #40846).

Previous woofers have said:

*I consider myself very lucky to have brushed shoulders with these amazing beings.  Thank you for having me! – Quinn

* As all the other people before us, we had a fantastic time with Kathy, Bruce, Nina and their slice of heaven.  We were constantly provided with excellent food for our stomachs, thoughts, and souls.  They made sure we actually learned some things while working and the jobs themselves were challenging, yet never too hard.  It were the many conversations however that will stick in our minds.  -  Tom & Pieter

* Kathy & Bruce have a great place with a great energy.  Kathy’s got good knowledge of food and an apparent appreciation for cuisine – you’ll never go hungry and the kitchen is open to free-reign creativity.  Their books are a good insight to their lifestyle and property and I had a hard time choosing just one or two – anything from healing crystals, keeping bees, yoga, gardening, to how to clean and dress wild game (and perhaps practice on a possum if you wish).  With ten acres of land and various projects going on, there’s likely to be a project for you to work on that’s right up your alley. - Dorothea

*  What a week I’ve just had at Birdsong!   Kathy, Bruce & Nina were fantastic hosts.  If you’re looking for a retreat vibe n a beautiful bungalow with amazing sunrises and plenty of quiet time for yourself, this is the place to go.  Conversation was fascinating, food was amazing, and working in the garden was a pleasure!   Thanks Kathy for taking me to yoga and NIA classes and to Bruce for your homemade liquor tasting sessions!  All the best to you.  – Maddy

*  Kathy and Bruce are the perfect hosts in a lovely location overlooking the Akaroa Harbour.  The accommodation was very nice and comfortable and the food was homemade and delicious!   Upon arriving, we had a list of projects that we worked on over the course of the week and it was very rewarding to see how much our group accomplished during that time.  In the evenings, there was plenty of time for relaxation, talking, board games, etc.  Kathy and Bruce are very welcoming and SO interesting to talk to and learn from.  We loved our time at Birdsong and are missing it already.  Thanks guys! – Lauren & Joshua