About Bruce


Short bio:

New Zealand rural life:    Sacred geometry artist, meditator, spiritual explorer, NZ Burning Man organiser,  romancer of the land, proprietor and steward of Birdsong Retreat & Sanctuary, our home and gathering place for like-minded seekers and explorers..

American city life: pizza maker, tax preparer, database programmer, real estate developer, Burning Man participant.

Lifelong:  bread maker, micro organism farmer, alchemical libationist, armchair scientist-philosopher

Long bio:

I’ve been on the road less-traveled, marching to the beat of my own drum.   I follow my nose and my heart which has taken me around the United States up through my forties and since 2006, to New Zealand.

I moved here to have a chance at a better and different life.  After stumbling into and working in the real estate market in San Francisco during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s,  I achieved more than I dreamed of and felt I could pull back and have a shot at something else.       New Zealand offered us the chance to go into semi-retirement and live a more simple life and focus on other important things like ourselves!

Ten years on ten acres has given me great teachings of what it is to have a relationship with the land.

I spend a lot of time working and communing with our trees – the trees grow and sometimes they need to come down.   I’ve gotten real good with a chainsaw and my latest skillset is in using a single-operator hand-held chainsaw mill to cut slabs of timber from our trees.  

I’m into building sacred-geometry structures and I’ve built two ‘temples’ for the Kiwiburn-Burning Man regional festival.   We have a merkabah meditation space on our property which incorporates the work of Wilhelm Reich and his principles of orgonomy.    My next foray into the world of making ferro-cement temples and structures are next on my list.