The Monthly Recaps

April 28, 2015

Birdsong in Action: January – April 2015

It has been an incredibly lovely, long, luxurious and hot summer here in Wainui.   After nine years in the Christchurch region, this was by far the loveliest weather we’ve had.   I felt like I had a summer – a summer of fun:   camping trips, lots of visitors, abundance from the […]
July 3, 2012

First Month of Winter – Brrrr: June 1 – 30, 2012

Winter has set in early this year and it’s felt particularly cold and dreary here in Christchurch. It’s been especially hard to re-acclimate after spending a month in Vegas’ and Florida’s warm climate where shorts, tanks, and bathing suits were the norm. As a result, we’ve been moving quite slowly, […]
May 4, 2012

Another Month Bites the Dust: April 1 – 30, 2012

Temple for Christchurch project; Airfoam, Charlies Takeaways,
April 1, 2012

Quarterly Review: January 1 – March 31, 2012

Kiwiburn, Luminate Festival, Dreamspell Calendar; Yoga Nidra; Vasumi; Hermitage, Mount Cook, Hooker Valley, Ellerslie Flower Show, Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions, Karen McGrath, EarthHealer,