Shamanic Breathwork Resources

Thanks for reading my chapter Make A Noise: Sounding, Toning, Emoting to Release Fear, Grief, and Rage  (Chapter 10) in Shamanic Breathwork: The Nature of Change with lead author Linda Star Wolf published by Brave Healer Productions.

I hope you found the sounding and toning exercises helpful.

Here’s a quick ‘cheat sheet’ you can print out so that you can do the exercises any time on your own.

Shamanic Breathwork Toning Exercise Printout

You can also listen to these audio files to guide you through the three different exercises.



Sensing, Discerning, Perceiving:




And if you haven’t already watched, here’s my podcast interview with Laura di Franco (A series of strange circumstances allowed me to have a 1:1 interview with Laura!)


All of the author interviews can be found on the Brave Healer Productions Youtube channel.

Blessings and namaste,