Shaman Heart book Resources

Thanks for reading my chapter Mantra, Mudra, and More:  Staying Connected To Your Higher Self During Times of Crisis (Chapter 9) in the book Shaman Heart: From Pain to Purpose with lead author Stephanie Urbina Jones published by Brave Healer Productions.

I hope you found the Mantra, Mudras, and Toning exercises helpful.

Here are some further resources for you.

Mantra pronunciation:

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Bodhichitta Svaha

(phonetic pronunciation: Ohm Taray Two-Taray Turay Bodi-cheetah, Swaha)


108 recitations of the mantra you can do along with me:


The Mudras:

Here’s a cheat sheet you can print out with all the mudras:

Shaman Heart Miudra Exercise Printout

Or you can play these affirmations for each mudra:


Happiness Mudra Affirmation:

I am capable of being happy, feeling happy, and embodying happiness. I am a beautiful soul radiating light and love


Self Confidence Mudra Affirmation:

I have the power, courage, and determination to create the life I want and to have the things I want.


Compassion Mudra Affirmation:

Even though it’s taken me this long to come to my understanding, it’s okay. I love me. Even though I feel angry, I have compassion for who I was and who I am becoming. Even though I didn’t have the strength or courage to make changes before, I do now, and all will be okay. I am being guided every step of the way.


Higher Self Mudra Affirmation:

The triangular window is the window to my soul, which sits in a giant cathedral of love. I travel through this window into the great cosmos beyond connecting to my higher self and deep wisdom. I know what I need to do.


Lastly,  here’s an audio file of the toning exercise you can do along with me:


And if you haven’t already watched, here’s a podcast interview with four of the authors where we discuss our chapters, the importance of awareness, and our insights on living with a Shaman Heart.


Blessings and namaste,