Shamanic Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony in Wainui

4-hour shamanic breathwork workshop and cacao ceremony

Private Gathering @ Private Residence

Saturday, 19 February, 2022

Come be in ceremony & ritual in the Temple of Venus immersed in the surrounds of nature and the bush of Birdsong.  Suitable for first timers and repeat breathers.

* Cacao Ceremony

* Breathing/Toning Exercises

* Sharing Circle

* 1 hour shamanic breathwork session

* Art mandala and integration process

* Love, CommUNITY, One!

I endeavor to create a very safe container for YOU to undergo your process for transformation. Whatever needs to come up for you that day can come up to be seen, understood, and healed. It is imperative during these phenomenal times we are living through that all emotions are expressed and moved out of the body.

Number of participants is limited to 10.

Time:  10 am – 2 pm

Cost:  $55

To register, please email me:  (Address will be provided after registration; note we are 75  minute drive from Christchurch on the Akaroa Harbour.   Come make a day of it and enjoy this beautiful region)

Shamanic Breathwork utilizes a dynamic breathing process called conscious connected breathing along with chakra attuned music, bodywork, and an art integration & sharing process. You are guided on a journey where you can drop deep and tune in to your inner wisdom and achieve an altered state of consciousness, by-passing the ego mind, and tap into what’s underneath the surface thereby leading you to experience whatever is needed for your highest growth and healing.

During a breathwork session, you can experience any number of states of being from anger & grief, to utter bliss and connection to the cosmos; you can have a womb memory experience (rebirth), you might uncover childhood memories; or you may experience downloads or a deep Knowing. The full spectrum of humanness is available and no two breathwork journeys are the same.

Shamanic Breathwork is a healing modality where YOU are your own healer, YOU are your own shaman, and YOU contain all the information you need for inner transformation and healing.

Benefits of breathwork/conscious connected breathing:


  • Increase your energy levels
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve Sleep
  • Remove toxins from body


  • Release trauma & fear
  • Reduce stress / anxiety
  • Increase self-awareness, presence, joy, and happiness
  • Increase self-love


  • Explore altered states of consciousness, consciously