A wwoofing we will go……

We’ve landed on the south island after a very smooth ferry crossing yesterday afternoon from Wellington to Picton. Today we’re heading west to the beautiful Golden Bay region where we will do two back-to-back wwoofings for a total of seven nights. These should be a bit more ‘light’ than the stint we did at Mara Whenua as we’ve chosen these for different reasons than the first.

Happy AcreWe have an acre of gardens, most are edible, some not. The main focus here is hand drum making and teaching and I run a two hour beginners workshop every Tuesday evening which you are welcome to join in. I also play in the band “Folkfire” and we play eastern and central european folk/gypsy music. Your jobs include various gardening, domestic chores, and some help with drums. I have the tools for stone carving and also wood carving should you want to play with these and there is an easy walk to the beach. We enjoy positive, self motivated, honest people with good communication skills and a sense of humor. We are vego/vegan and alcohol and drug free.
The man who owns this property, Grant, is one of the coordinators of the annual Kiwi Burn (a burning man regional event) which is held for three days in early Janauay in the Golden Bay area. We are keen on making friends with Grant, talk ‘Burning Man’, play some drums, and check out his ‘scene’.


Franca’s placeI live with a flatmate across the road from the community gardens. I am 35 years old and work as a healer doing Reiki, Neurolink, and massage, as well as making jewelry. I am passionate about co-counseling, dance parties, and raising consciousness. Jobs include tree and vegetable garden maintenance.
We’re only spending two or three nights with Franca and my interest in doing so is because she is a Reiki practitioner. Many of you know (and some of you don’t) that I’ve been getting into Reiki over the past year+ and have recently received my Second Degree certification. I’m enjoying Reiki as a hobby, but perhaps I may eventually develop it into a small practice, so I’m definitely keen on meeting Reiki folks in NZ.

Stay tuned……