Just What Do We Do With So Much Time? Sing Songs of course!

All this country living and endless rolling pastureland has had us humming the tune to the U.S. sixties television program, Green Acres for weeks now. We can’t get it out of our heads. It started for us when we were wwoofing at Mara Whenua. The first few days while I was getting accustomed to the serious off-the-grid lifestyle and wondering if it was for me, I amused myself by thinking that we’d make for a great reality TV show. We could be the next Paris & Nicole doing our own version of The Simple Life. Visions of me & Bruce in our farmer overalls, out in the fields, scratching our heads as we were told to trap possums, churn butter, mulch forests, put up solar panels, build adobe brick houses, or accomplish any number of countless other things that I don’t have a clue as to how to do, danced in my head.

Hence was born our version of Green Acres. Feel free to add a stanza or two.
And for my San Francisco friends, please take our derision of SF very lightly – you know we love that city!

New Zealand

New Zealand is the place to be,
I grow my food organically,
Land spreading out, and up, and down,
Take San Francisco just give me that local town

San Francisco is where I’d rather be,
I do enjoy the smell of pee,
I just adore the doggie poo,
Darling I love you but give me that unaffordable view.

Do do doodooo doo, the stars,
Do do doodooo doo, lotsa cars,
Do do doodooo doo, fresh air,
Do do doodooo doo, sirens blare,

Love of my life,
Goodbye city life,
New Zealand we are there!

And for those of you too young or not raised in the U.S. to have ever seen or heard of the Green Acres show, here, at least, are the words:

Green Acres

(sung by Eddie Albert and Zsa Zsa Gabor)

Green Acres is the place to be,
Farm living is the life for me,
Land spreading out so far and wide,
Take Manhattan just give me that countryside.

New York is where I’d rather stay,
I get allergic smelling hay,
I just adore a pent-house view,
Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue.

Do do doodooo doo, the chores,
Do do doodooo doo, the stores,
Do do doodooo doo, fresh air,
Do do doodooo doo, times square

You are my wife,
Goodbye city life
Green Acres we are there!