We have been so fortunate to acquire such an eclectic group of friends. During the last months as we’ve prepared for our move, we’ve had a lot of time to delight in our friendships. And during this last week, our friends have been there to take care of us – offering up their homes and providing us with yummy dinners and their good company. This is a shout out to all of you (you know who you are) — thank you for all your support and well wishes. We’ll need all that good energy as we go off to forge eclectic alliances in our new homeland!

And for those who have been following the saga of our TIC partnership – my friendship with my one partner is salvaged and right again. After a few heart-to-heart emails and a really good phone conversation, we decided that it was our evil-twin sisters who were behaving so badly and we’ve now wrestled control again. She is a good friend. The TIC sale will move forward will full cooperation from all parties involved. Everyone will be okay.