Building A Kitchen: Part Three – Completion (almost)

Despite our hectic summer and travels, we’ve managed to finish the last two big lagging parts of the kitchen —  the granite countertops have been installed and Ollie and Bruce have finished the butcher block counter top for the island.   The kitchen is totally awesome.  Here’s the latest photos:


The butcher block table top for the island is really gorgeous:

This is the counter and cabinets near the log burner which we cook on all winter long.  The pull-out bins are a clever way to store our firewood.  The bins are on caster wheels so that we can wheel the bin to the back door and re-fill with firewood.   We still need to build some shelves in the space between the two sets of cabinets.


The last 5% still needs to be done:  painting the walls and ceiling;  getting some new light fixtures; putting up the molding; and double-glazing the alcove windows and finishing the gib.   Knowing us, these last few items will drag out and take us a while to complete but it’ll get done.  In the meantime, viva la kitchen!   It has been the most satisfying part of our whole renovation!