There’s A New Girl In Town……

And her name is Nina and she’s our new 6 month old poodle.


Oh my god, she’s the cutest thing evah!  I guess that’s what all new moms and dads have to say, eh?    We’ve had her for one week today and she really is a darling.  We’ve spent half the week in Wainui and half the week in Christchurch so she’s getting used to her new homes.   She loves them both, but especially Wainui where she can run, run, run!

See how happy she is?  She’s totally smiling!

Nina happyNina happy 2

She’s bonded to me like glue and can be found almost always by my side.   We’re trying to get her used to everyone — Bruce, Laura our wwoofer, our flatmates Eve & Vern, and anyone else who comes our way.  After all, she’s gonna be our farm dog and needs to love all people!

Nina - so cute

She’s pretty well behaved and can already sleep in her crate overnight.  I’m frantically reading my puppy books and figuring out what commands she needs to learn.  She’s just about mastered ‘sit’.

After a big day out running around, she was purty tired.

Nina - tired

So yup, I’m now a dog mom and can be heard coo’ing and cuddling our little girl.  And you thought it was never going to happen.   Well, actually, neither did we, and I think we’re still a bit in shock.  Lifetime companion! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!