Workshop Collaboration


We love collaborating with people -- Birdsong and the Wainui hamlet are the perfect place to hold day-long workshops or multiple-day retreats.  We can offer workshop space (either on the property or at the local Community Hall), accommodation, and wholesome organic meals and can handle all the administrative tasks for your workshop or retreat.  We also can give talks and teachings on a number of topics (see below).    In addition, it is not unusual to find ourselves having spontaneous small intimate impromptu gatherings when remarkable people find themselves at Birdsong.

Regular On-Going Events:

  • Seasonal Ways-of-Wellness (WOW) workshops featuring yoga, art, meditation, dance and nourishing food co-created with Lisa Mills of Golden Touch Therapies.  See the Upcoming Events page for their latest offerings.

Previous Birdsong facilitated events include:

  • Break-dancing and tango evening session with a young Finnish professional break-dancer and his Tango-loving partner
  • Sound-bath performances with sound and energy work healers
  • Weekend Kiwiburn Decompression camping gathering
  • Weekend Summit for Kiwiburn Executive Committee

Get in touch to discuss how we can bring your workshop to Wainu or customize a retreat just for YOU and check out our Upcoming Events calendar for the latest activities and workshops.

More about Kathy & Lisa:

Kathy & Lisa, two soul-sisters, first began co-creating workshops in 2015.  Through yoga, meditation, mantra, art, and divine delectables, they strive to share their knowledge and passions to guide people in reconnecting to themselves and the greater magical world around them.  A bit of alchemy, fun and laughter always awaits you.....

Onsite Birdsong Talks/Activities by Kathy & Bruce:

At the Birdsong homestead, we are about ways of wellness (WOW).  Our kitchen and land are a hive of activity centered around growing, preserving, and making healthy, nutritious, organic meals & beverages.   Topics we can cover with your group:

  • Property walking tour discussing what it means to homestead, living in communion with nature
  • Composting & Gardening
  • Using herbs for health -- making herbal teas,  herbal tinctures (rose hip syrup, skullcap tinctures, herbal liqueurs which incorporates discussion/demo on distilling alcohol), stinging nettle,  miners lettuce/chickweed  (seasonal dependence)
  • Making bone broth / homemade vinegars
  • Fermented drinks (water kefir, milk kefir, kombucha)
  • Baking healthy treats
  • Using Slow cookers for meal making
  • Breadmaking: Our three signature breads:  buckwheat groat, amazing seed, and whole wheat & rye grain bread with rosemary & thyme
  • Harvesting fruit & making preserves (apple butter, quince pickle)
  • Seaweed/Wakame collection and making seaweed salad

Our 10-acre land has lots of areas to explore.  Of interest:

  • 100+ year old sacred Grandfather Totara tree which we can use as a spot for group meditation or rituals
  • Merkabah meditation space
  • Tree platform quiet space for yoga or meditation
  • Grass walking labrynth in back yard
  • Streamside seating
  • And lots more nooks and crannies to enjoy nature

Comments from participants of past yoga workshops:

*Well prepared and a great pace for beginners to advanced. Lunch was excellent.  Nourishing & nurturing – Margy Morris

*Lisa exudes truth and beauty from within, a generous heart and energy.  Kathy is rich in spirit and I would enjoy any activity in her company.   I would do a weekend or week of this! – Dell Beckman

*Treat yourself to a day…as I was a beginner I really appreciated the sensitive, extra support and encouragement given to me - Anon