Both Bruce and Kathy use their creative outlets as a source of communion with the divine and as a meditative and healing process.    As the world seems to be becoming more and more chaotic and unknown, painting and building art is a way to be still, connect into one’s own wisdom, and allow grace to come through.

Bruce, using sacred geometry, enjoys drawing and painting yantras, labyrinths, and geometric shapes and also building large structures such as the Merkabah (which is a meditation space on the property) and the star dodecahedron (which was the Temple of Kali-Hugo at Kiwiburn2013 and was burned in a ritual offering).   He is working on building more ‘temples to the glory of god’ at home at Birdsong.

Kathy began her foray into painting, collaging, and mixed media art in 2012 and works on canvas and paper.   An intuitive painter, she likes painting muses, goddesses, and images from nature and has taken classes with world-renown artists Flora Bowley, Shiloh Sophia, and Tamara LaPorte.