June 13, 2006

Effective MicroOrganisms and Bokashi

A month or so ago Bruce and I attended our first free horticulture workshop at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute called “EM (effective microorganisms) and Bokashi”. This half day workshop, highly promoted by the Christchurch City Council, encourages folks to embrace this fascinating composting method which allows for the decomposition of food […]
June 12, 2006

Time for Journeying…. Again

Ever since the household arrived we’ve been moving towards leaving rather than focusing on staying. This has played a wierd twist on the mind, the emotions wrapped up again with depatures and all that needs to be done to tie up the loose ends we’ve strewn about. I haven’t been […]
June 12, 2006

Real Estate Agent & Realty Websites in NZ

I’ve finally gone through all my real estate rags from our travels around the North and South island and compiled a list of websites. This should help any new or potential migrant to gain some insight on what’s going on in the real estate market in New Zealand. If anyone […]
June 6, 2006

What a Difference the Sun Makes!

It’s been cold here lately. And wet. Folks have said we’re in that in between state between autumn and winter. The last few weeks have been grey and pretty blah with the three of us sleeping in as late as we can under our warm comforters and continuously moaning about […]