October 14, 2007

The Plan

Nearly everyone’s been asking, “When are we moving? What’s our plan?” Ah, grasshopper, this is the million dollar question and we’ve been asking ourselves the very same. Phase I of the ‘radical life change’ plan is over – finding the land; now it’s time for Phase II – implementation. How […]
October 14, 2007

Country Living, Days 3 & 4: Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ahhhh, days 3 & 4 have been much more cozy and welcoming than days 1 & 2. We arrived in Wainui Friday afternoon after close to a two-hour journey with a van full of stuff. I was cranky and feeling a bit overwhelmed as I’d spent most of my week […]
October 4, 2007

Magic or Madness? Beginning life in the country, Oct 3, 2007

I was having a conversation with a friend in San Francisco only weeks ago about what we would be doing once we returned to New Zealand. My answer went something like, ‘Oh, you know, we’ll probably continue with our land/property search, but who knows how long that will take, because […]
September 7, 2007

Destination: California, Kathy’s Trip, June 27 – August 20, 2007

Eight weeks of nonstop hospitality. That’s what this trip has mainly been about. Receiving hospitality from friends and family; continuous visiting, eating, drinking, conversing, catching up on life. Constant moving around as we stay with friends for two to three days at a time, then on to the next visit. […]