November 5, 2007

9 ½ weeks: Life, Vol 7: Aug 21 – Nov 3, 2007

Wow, hard to believe I’ve been back in New Zealand for 2 ½ months. Time is speeding by; it’s springtime; and we’ve been busy, busy, busy. Highlights of some of the fun things we’ve been up to: Festivals: In addition to attending Melting Man in August, we went to the […]
November 4, 2007

Who Am I? How I view myself as a migrant in a new country.

Our good friend Amba is studying at nearby Canterbury University; her field of study is anthropology with a focus on entheogenology. She’s always up to something interesting in her classes and earlier this month, for one of her courses, she was assigned a photo essay project. Her task was to […]
November 4, 2007

Forty-four and ready for more: Birthday bonanza!

I am 44 years and 2 weeks old. Life is pretty darn good. So it’s weird to recall that I was in such a state when about to turn 40. I definitely went through a short middle-life crisis period: what was I doing with myself, what did I want to […]
October 31, 2007

Swarm: Be Careful What You Wish For!

I’ve been saying that New Zealand is a hub of magical energy; you no sooner put a thought out into the universe, than the wheels start turning and the thought manifests itself, often in ways one may not have expected. Spring is a busy time for bees and for the […]