January 16, 2011

Summertime at Birdsong (December 1 2010 – January 13, 2011):

While we work on the house and all the renovations, the garden and grass continue to grow and we continue to mow.   We have tried to maintain the grounds and garden over the last many months and thanks to woofers we’ve managed to almost stay on top of things. In […]
January 15, 2011

Heating Installation, Phase 5 (December 2- 22, 2010)

Well, it’s been a long journey back to the heating installation project.   We last left off in, gulp, July, where Team Oamaru had installed the hot water cylinders in the attic and the radiators in the bedrooms.   When Pete and Kat next came up in October, we had them switch […]
December 18, 2010

Destination: New Zealand, Family Vacation, Nov 13 – 27, 2010

We were no sooner back from our restful trip to Tonga when the day came that the much anticipated and long-planned family trip finally arrived.   My extended family – sister Joy, brother-in-law David, one year old niece Sienna, and my parents Carmella and Hugo, made the long journey from San […]
November 7, 2010

Destination: Tonga, Oct 20 – Nov 3, 2010

Tropical island holiday coming right up.      Destination:   Tonga. Why Tonga? It’s the nearest Pacific Island group to New Zealand with less than a three-hour flight from Auckland. Air New Zealand offered really, really cheap tickets ($349 RT from Akl). It’s the first nation to see the start of each day. […]